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Childhood is a pink world decorated with colors of the rainbow that brings delight and pleasure to our hearts.
 Childhood is a special magical world featured with the beauty of his papers, full of mystery, it's the world of innocence and limitless.
Childhood  is to live moment by moment without thinking about tomorrow and the future surprises.
Childhood is honest feelings, white hearts, hands that gives without getting paid.
Childhood is summer clouds our memories pass by.
Childhood is like being drunk everyone remembers what you did exept you.
Childhood is a bright world like the brightness of the sun in the morning.
Childhood is a dreamer world remains his memory to a last lifetime.
Childhood is a hope for now and dream for later.
who of us don't want to remember those wonderful days where no responsibility, no fear, no hate and no nothing because deep down everyone of us have memories won't forget, and a little child wish that he'll never grow up, we could run to when we get hurt, when our problems and troubles get all of our lives.
Childhood is a word that have all senses.

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  1. Yes, childhood is so precious. Sometimes I wish I could go back. I live through my child now and encourage him to enjoy every single second. No need to grow up to fast. Thanks for the post. Loved it.

  2. Childhood. So sweet and innocent.. Sometimes I wish I could just stay a child forever.. Growing up is a trap!

  3. "Childhood is like being drunk everyone remembers what you did except you" is great! So true! What I miss about childhood is that lost sense of a time that never passes by... looks like still. Not it's all so fast!

  4. childhood memories linger forever. being a child comes with alot of greatness that sometimes in our adulthood it comes with the feeling to be young again... great read.

  5. I am one of those rare types who remembers alot of her childhood except for all the wrong reasons. I was abused and I remember nearly everything that happened to me x

  6. Childhood is something that suppose to be happy place and I wish everyone felt like that. Some people hate kids even though once even they were a kid. I don't get it, it is so contradictory !

  7. Everyone should have a happy childhood and be a child. Unfortunately this doesn't happen to everyone and makes be extremely sad and hopeless as I can't help them. It's so delicate time and effects the whole life.

  8. Sometimes I also think of how easy it was in those carefree childhood years and the simplest things to give me joy :))

  9. I miss being a child! I watch my own children and I love seeing them so happy and carefree haha