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Memories Is All I Want.

by - 15:36:00

Memories is all i got, they are the best thing to remember. It's when you look at your past and smile at how fool you were. It's something that froze in our minds no matter how we get old, no matter how we try to forget them.

Some people say that it's like you're living in the past but no we never live in the past, we just take a look at it. It's like when you climb a mountain and you're there at the top of it. don't you look back at what made you to the top? don't you look back at the wonderful view? So let's take a closer look!!
That view is what calls memories and that mounatin is how much we get old.

It's the past so you not gonna lose anything if you look at it sometimes, but you must look at it with no fucking regrets. I mean it's something is just gone know!! Because if you give your past a sense then you gonna live your whole life in the past. The people who we loved, they left their imprint in our lives that we can't forget or erase.

One of the best thing that ever happens to us is making memories!!

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  1. Totally agree with you! Thanks so much for the inspirational post. I love making good memories...

    xoxo, ❤︎ rachael ❤ | Instagram

    1. oh! you are welcome. And thanks for commenting, it means a lot for me.

  2. Past experiences are the best teacher for us. We should look back and learn from it but dont overlook coz you may miss what presenr annd future have for u

  3. I totally agree with you. I am all about making memories

  4. Memories are wonderful to ponder on. They make us feel emotions we used to feel.

  5. Totally agree with you! Life would be so boring without memories both good and not-so-good ones as well.

  6. I agree, we have to start to live are lives, not just exist! It's sad that we have to remind ourselves, but, it's better than stay quiet about it