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When you ask a normal person about his biggest fear, you expect him to answer something like heights, closed spaces or darkness. But if you ask someone with social anxiety or mentall illness in general their answers will be diffrent! My answer will be so different. So let me share with you some of these answers:

"My biggest fear are people, how they act, how they really are."

"My biggest fear is whem i'm in a room full of people."

"My biggest fear is when it comes to cool people, i freeze up and avoid like the plague."

"My biggest fear is lots of people paying attentiom to me at on time because i've done something embarrassing or wrong"

"My biggest fear is becoming completely alone and having no one to turn to."

"My biggest fear is losing control"

"My biggest fear is i'm terrified of ordering food or paying for things."

"My biggest fear is being asked questions about myself."

"My biggest fear is small talks."

"My biggest fear is dancing."

"My biggest fear is talking on the phone with other people around."

"My biggest fear is that my mental illness is ALL IN MY HEAD." 

No one else understands what it feels like to have social anxiety. I made this article so some of you can relate, and to tell you that you are not alone, you are not the only who feels this way.

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