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Say Goodbye To The Shyness.

by - 07:29:00

One of the most recent problems is the shyness and everyone is trying to overcome and get rid of it. Those people can’t cope with all  the situations that comes to their live easily, and with my experience being shy is the worst thing ever, it’s very painful.

Eating food to escape or going to doctors won’t help you because everything is between your hands, if you want to change then you must believe in yourself. We learned that you should blame your parents, your brothers and sisters, the school and the teachers, you can blame anyone but yourself. But the truth is that the fault is yours,
Let’s say goodbye to the shyness together! all you have to do is to follow this simple steps:
Step one: 
-ask for help, it’s not expected to get rid of the feeling of the shame by your own.
-Set yourself goals based on the positive meanings of humanity, equality, independence and competence.
-take steps to move toward these goals, whether physical or emotionally.
-see how much progress regularly.
-Be aware of any behavior shown by others that have effects on you.
Step two: “my experience”
i’ve been almost separated from the world, i cut my relationship with friends and family. I’ve lost contact even with myself. But when i sat down and took a deep motivation with myself i decided to adapt with it.

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