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You only get one shot at life.
Yet we spent so much of it picking ourselves apart, 
focusing all our energy onto our flaws, 
that we give up before we even start
I’ve heard the excuse well it’ll never happen or I wasn’t destined for that life.
But how can you be so sure? when you’ve never even tried?
We live in an age where there’s so much opportunity yet few take advantage of it,
give it a shot - go out of your comfort zone - you might be surprised.

I spent so much of my life doubting myself,
telling myself that I wasn’t good or talented enough,
People would tell me to just go for it yet I’d still come up with every excuse under the sun
Why do we do that?
Why do we put ourselves down so much?

So this year I made it my mission to end that,
put aside all my fears and just go for it.
I was done with restricting myself
I decided I’m not going to settle with being comfortable anymore.
And honestly, It was the best thing I ever did 

It’s only when I stopped and asked myself what is it that I want?
that I started to actually live my life,
You spend so much of your life living up to these expectations 
that you forget what you want, you become numb inside,
This past year I’ve laughed, danced, smiled, cried,
I finally understood what it feels like to really be alive.
From experiencing heartbreak, failure, painful late nights
to running around a field in the midst of July
I took a risk, went with my gut instinct and things turned out fine, 
and I know, that deep deep down, things are going to be alright. 
It’s just a matter of time.

You shouldn’t stop living in the face of fear,
You shouldn’t stop chasing the dream just because the roads aren’t clear,
You work hard and you push through it,
What’s important is that you’re here, 
So make the most of that - go out there and do what it is that you love,
stop coming up with a million excuses and telling yourself you’re not good enough,
Things aren’t handed to you, you work hard and you go get it.
embrace it with both arms and go chase it.

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