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Finding motivation to consistently take action with ease would be a dream come true right? I’d love to be motivated every day, but I’m not. I’m human so there are day where I don’t want to do much but watch TV with my iPad on my lap.
It’s even harder to find the motivation to do anything when we’re tired from a long day at work. We aren’t happy in life. We wish for change, but with zero motivation, it’s hard to make any changes.
But there is a way to make changes and to get yourself to take action, and it does not rely on motivation.
Relying solely on motivation to take action is a horrible strategy. First of all motivation is a feeling. Just like all our feelings they come and go.
When we feel motivated, it’s a great feeling. We feel like we can do anything and we get started with laser focus. But a week or two later, we don’t have that motivation anymore. The feeling of excitement is gone.
That’s why new year’s resolutions end so quickly. That intial motivation is there and we have good intentions to stick with it, but up till that point we’ve been only relying on motivation to get us to do what we need to do.
It’s like anything we decide we’re going to do. We start off excited about it, but quickly lose interest and completely stop.
In this epsiode, I talk about how I found the motvation to make changes in my life despite feeling stuck, working at a job I dreaded, and having no idea what I else I wanted to do in my life

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