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What Do YOU Want the Camera to Capture?

by - 11:21:00

Take a moment from your regularly scheduled programming to imagine that camera crew (super-hot cameraman included if that helps motivate you) following you around for the day, and ask yourself if you’d like what they’re getting on film.
When you wake up in the morning, do you want the record to show you did so reluctantly, dragging your grumpy ass through your coffee and shower with dread for the shitty job you’re returning to for the millionth day in a row? Or do you want it to show you bounding up in excitement for a day filled with awesome work that challenges and inspires you?
Do you want the playback to reveal you turn into a pissy monster when you’re behind the wheel in a traffic jam, or would you rather it show you unapologetically singing along to your favorite ‘90s hip hop playlist while the rest of the commuters around you quietly stew over their iPhones?
If this day were being recorded for posterity, what would you want your kids, your grandkids and future generations to see about who you are and how you lived your life? (Tweet!)
I’d want them to see that I left it all on the court each day, living a life that’s a fiercely felt, jumbled-up mix of hard work, hard play, hard laughter and hard joy, whether it’s another Monday or a dreary Wednesday or a Saturday that feels wasted ‘cause it’s raining and my head hurts.
I want each day to count, if for nothing else than for the fact that I was totally alive while I was living it.

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